Bagunçaram meu lar.

You think you're quick
But I'd like to see you keep up with me
You think you're slick
But I'd like to see you put a trick on me
You think you're so cool
Hey big man you're old school...
You think you're smart
But who the hell d'ya think you're talking to?
Everyone can see who you are
Take a look at yourself
Tell me why keep on denying...
Everything you say (denying!!)
Everything you do
So be a fool to yourself forever more (trying)
Any kind of move (tell me)
So what's it gotta prove
You ain't fooling nobody...But yourself!
I know you're sweet, But I know you don't want to be seen that way
Admit defeat, win or lose.. Who cares? It's just a game you play
I know you need me
If you stay that way it's never gonna be!!
You've got your style
But I know what you really want from me...
Check yourself, but don't forget yourself
Cause you're denying...
You're getting everything you are and even everything you need.
That's life, come on! Check yourself!!

As histórias não bateram,e tudo ficou bagunçado...
E a culpa? Bem, a culpa é minha e eu coloco ela em quem eu quizer!
Raaaaaaaaaah, seriozinho?
OK, os 3 tem uma parte de culpa nisso.
Eu e ela já nos desculpamos, falta ele.
Então essa musica fica como 'tema'.
E o fogo, oh sim, teve muito fogo.