all the same! O.O

I don't mind where you come from, as long as you come to me. And I don't like illusions I can't see them clearly. I don't care no I wouldn't dare to fix the twist in you. You showed me eventually what you'll do.
I don't mind.. I don't care... As long as you're here.

Go ahead tell me you'll leave again, You'll just come back running..
Holding you're scarred heart in hand, It's all the same!
And I'll take you for who you are, If you take me for everything..
And do it all over again, It's all the same...

Hours slide and days go by till you decide to come; And in between it always seems to long.. All of a sudden. And I have the skill, Yeah, I have the will to breath you in while I can. However long you stay is all that I am!
I don't mind.. I don't care.. As long as you're here.

Wrong or right, Black or white, If I close my eyes It's all the same!
In my life the compromise.. I close my eyes It's all the same!

Acho perfeita, muito 'verdadão' essa letra. Tipo 'Só quem passou consegue entender'. Penso na bre, totalmente dela isso, entendo cada pedacinho dos 'rolos' dela, ja passei pela mesma coisinha. Ahhhhhhh its all the same. Sair do nosso verdadeiro EU eh fogo, destrói agente, mas agente ainda inciste e ate tira sarro de fazer tdo aquilo. Sofre mas goza,literalmente, é o lema.hahahhahha É...mas quem sou eu pra querer tentar concluir alguma coisa? No meu mundinho, enquanto isso, o meu 'rolo' hiberna... =*