PJ HARVEY ao Piano

A palavra obra-prima anda meio desgastada — mas é o termo exato para qualificar o CD White chalk (Universal), da cantora inglesa PJ Harvey. Da capa inspirada na tela White girl (de Whistler) às 11 canções de clima gótico, tudo foi muito bem cuidado. Guitarrista habilidosa, Polly Jean (é esse o seu nome) aprendeu a tocar piano apenas para executar as belas canções do disco. Nas letras que falam de sua infância, ela incorpora gritos e lamentos ao seu canto, criando uma atmosfera musical no mínimo estranha. >>istoé

Err....Ela é bem esquisitinha. Polly Jean, hm, curtia mt a "big exit" e a Good Fortune" dela:} Éh now, adoro piano. Vo pegar o cd pra conferir.

E aqui, fica minha,a sua, anossa "Good Fortune" :P blá.

Threw my bad fortune, of the top of, a tall building
Id rather have done it with you oww ow owww owwww.....
Your boys smile, Five in the morning, Looked into your eyes,
And I was really in love...oovv ovv ovv ovvv...

In chinatown, Hung over, You showed me
Just what I could do..oo..oo..oo.ooo...
Talking about, Time travel,And the meaning
Just what it was worth.....

And I feel like Some bird of paradise

My bad fortune slipping away
And I feel the Innocence of a child
Everybodys got something good to say

Things I once thought, Unbelievable
In my life, Have all taken place.....
When we walked through, Little italy
I saw my reflection, Come right of your face.....

I paint pictures, To remember
Youre too beautiful, To put into words....
Like a gypsy, You dance in circles
All around me, And all over the world...

So I take my, Good fortune
And I fantasize, Of our leaving
Like some modern-day, Gypsy landslide
Like some modern day, Bonnie and clyde

On the run again... On the run again...